Overhead Specifications


The garage door frame is constructed using kiln-dried 1 ½" Douglas Fir wood for its stability and its resistance to decay. Each sections meeting rail has a ¼" shiplap joint to act as a weather blockade. Together, the frame is assembled using mortise and tenon jointery and Titebond III adhesive.

The backside of the garage door frame, or what is visible from the inside of your building, is a ¼" Laun plywood that creates the finished look.  Laun can be stained or painted.


All Neubauer Carriage doors come insulated with polyisocyanurate rigid, foil faced foam insulation with an R-value of 10.


We use 3" or 5" V-match, 3" bead board, raised panel or flat panels to create the face of the garage door.  Inlay woods are fastened together with stainless steel fasteners and Titebond III adhesive.


We use 1x6 on the vertical trim boards and on the top and middle rails. A 1x8 is used on the bottom rails. Overlay/trim is available in multiple profiles: square, 1/2" thumb nail, and glazing (30 degree bevel) for historic appearance. The trim is adhered by using Titebond III adhesive and stainless steel fasteners.

*By using a "deep V" groove in a center style, creates the look of a pair of traditional carriage style doors.


All garage doors are designed with windows come with true divided light windows using standard 1/8" window glass. Also available is insulated glass up to ¾" thick, tempered and obstructed window glass.


Neubauer Carriage Doors has teamed up with Elite Door of New England since 2010 to handle all overhead garage door installations. We use full welded vertical track, reinforcement struts, double end stile hinge fixtures with nylon rollers, torsion spring system, double fin vinyl perimeter seal, and aluminium retainer with 3" rubber bulb seal. Liftmaster 8550 3/4hp battery back up trolley style openers with upgraded I-beam rail is our standard. Liftmaster 8500 side mount openers are available as well.


Neubauer Carriage Doors can handle all your finishing needs whether it's staining or painting. If your interest is to enhance the beauty of the wood you chose we recommend Sikkens Cetol Door & Window finish. We brush 3 coats on all six sides of each section. If a solid paint is wanted, we recommend Ben Moore. We spray 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of latex finish paint on all six sides.

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